The Milk Exchange

We rise by lifting others

We are a private members network, empowering our community to navigate the family court process and to get the most from their legal counsel.

Domestic abuse UK

What do we do?

Our online community is a safe space to find solidarity, emotional support and resource information as you look towards rebuilding your life, after traumatic and abusive relationship breakdowns.Ensuring the safety of our network is of paramount importance to us. Our group is private and secure, and members have the choice of participating anonymously.The information we provide is not meant to take the place of legal advice, it can and should however assist and guide your interactions with legal counsel.

FeaturesSelf RepresentationSupported RepresentationSolicitor Representation
Can work with barrister who can represent you in courtYes, direct accessYes, direct accessYes
Support with applicationsNoYesYes
Pro-active time sensitive feedback by experts to posts and questionsNoYesNo
Focus on empowerment and rebuildingNoYesNo
Court preparedness coachingNoYesYes
Complimentary Q&A sessionsNoYesNo
Flexible 1:1s with legal expertsN/a£110 hourly average, inc. weekends and evenings£288 hourly minimum, no evenings or weekends

Why do we exist?

We have first hand knowledge of how scary, confusing and frustrating the journey through the family court system can be.There’s a minefield of legal jargon to wade through. Lawyers, the police and other agencies often struggle to understand the intricacies and danger of abusive relationships and of course, it is hard to find help you can trust, let alone afford!Yet…too much is at risk for you to not have responsive, empathetic advocates fighting alongside you.We want you to have the guidance and care that we, and those before us, didn’t have.

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We have 30 places available for each private members community, send us a message to sign up and reserve a place.To ensure the safety of our members, we arrange screening calls before confirming memberships.