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The Milk Exchange

A network of accessible, affordable, online support groups, empowering our communities through their family court proceedings, and beyond.You are not alone, we are with you


What We Do

Our safe and nurturing community, is a place dedicated to providing solidarity, emotional support, and informative resources as you rebuild your life after traumatic and abusive relationship breakdowns. We are here to support you through the court battles for your livelihoods and children, offering compassion and understanding as you embark on your journey to healing and renewal.Ensuring the safety of our network is of paramount importance to us. Our group is private and secure, and all members participation is anonymous.The information we provide is not meant to take the place of legal advice, it can and should however, assist and guide your interactions with legal counsel.

The Milk Exchange

Why We Exist

We completely understand how daunting and overwhelming the journey through the family court system can be.Navigating legal jargon and finding trustworthy help can be incredibly challenging. It's frustrating when even professionals struggle to grasp the complexities of abusive relationships.We're here to be responsive, empathetic advocates, fighting alongside you. Our goal is to provide the guidance and care that we wished we had during our own experiences, ensuring that you have the support you need through this critical time.We empathise with litigants in person facing continued post separation abuse, in particular coercive control through county courts. Our dedicated advocacy offers trustworthy guidance and responsive support through the family court system. You're not alone; we'll help you fight for your rights and provide the care you need during this critical time.

The Milk Exchange

Included with membership

FeaturesSelf RepresentationSupported Self RepresentationFull Lawyer Representation
Can work with barrister who can represent you in courtYes, direct accessYes, direct accessYes
Support with applicationsNoYesYes
Pro-active time sensitive feedback by experts to posts and questionsNoYesNo
Focus on empowerment and rebuildingNoYesNo
Court preparedness coachingNoYesYes
Complimentary Q&A sessionsNoYesNo
Flexible 1:1s with legal expertsN/a£150 hourly average, inc. weekends and evenings£288 hourly minimum, no evenings or weekends

The Milk Exchange

Contact us

We are here to help and support you. Please reach out to us via the form below.To ensure the safety of our members, we arrange screening calls before confirming memberships.Leave us a message in the box below, with any enquiries or to sign up now.

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